DeSantis campaign raises $8.2 million in first day as he attacks Trump for ‘going left’

Desantis Campaign Raises $8.2 Million In First Day As He Attacks Trump For ‘Going Left’ - Zymtdxx7I55Dsp7Yighyg77Mbq
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MIAMI — Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign raised a formidable $8.2 million in its first 24 hours, a spokeswoman said, a show of force as the Florida governor offered some of his most direct attacks yet on his chief rival for the GOP nomination, Donald Trump.

The figure includes online donations as well as money raised by around 100 donors who converged on the Four Seasons in Miami starting Wednesday evening — as DeSantis launched his campaign in a live Twitter discussion that quickly went haywire. Despite the rocky start, donors said the mood was upbeat on Thursday as they worked to bolster one of DeSantis’s advantages heading into 2024: Money.

The first-day fundraising haul is a welcome boost for a candidate hoping to close a significant polling gap with Trump, the current leader in public surveys of the GOP race. Trump’s campaign said it raised more than $9.5 million in the first quarter after launching, and about $14.5 million in the first…

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