How Generative AI Changes Strategy

HBR EDITOR IN CHIEF ADI IGNATIUS: Chris, you’ve been a tech company CEO. You’re strategy head at Microsoft. You’ve seen a lot of technologies over the years. There’s some that land and we think, “Okay, this is truly transformative, disruptive. This is an inflection point.” In your mind, is that where we are now? Or do we need to wait and see what the impact of generative AI will be on business and on everything?

MICROSOFT EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT CHRIS YOUNG: We’re at a place where we see this as truly transformative. I might actually draw a contrast to one of the trends that many people were very excited about in the tech landscape just a little bit over a year ago, which was Web3 and the promise of blockchains, and everything that would happen. But there was definitely a segment of the world that was saying, “Well, interesting, but not sure what the practical applications are here, not sure it’s going to change everything.” No one’s…

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