U.S.-Made Armored Vehicles Appear to Have Been Used in Attack on Russia

Pro-Ukraine fighters appeared to use at least three American-made armored vehicles during an incursion into Russia on Monday, pictures and videos verified by The New York Times reveal.

Russian forces appeared to have captured at least two of those vehicles, additional visual evidence shows. It’s unclear how the pro-Ukraine units behind the incursion, which consist mostly of anti-Putin Russians, came to possess the vehicles — known generally as MRAPs, for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected. The circumstances that led to the Russians capturing them are also unknown, but pro-Russian Telegram groups began posting pictures of the equipment on Monday night, hours after the incursion started.

The Times identified the vehicles by their markings when they were inside Ukraine and once again after they were in the hands of Russian forces.

MRAPs were first built for U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the United States has provided several hundred to Ukraine’s military. The specific model…

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This article was written by Riley Mellen and originally published on www.nytimes.com