McCarthy’s office has not met with Chamber during debt ceiling fight

Mccarthy’s Office Has Not Met With Chamber During Debt Ceiling Fight - Kevin Mccarthy 83827

However, he said, the Chamber has advocated for a bipartisan agreement directly to the White House.

“I see the relationship as respectful, so I’m not worried about wasting his time to come in and say, ‘look how much I agree with you,’” Bradley said when asked whether he saw the McCarthy relationship as unsalvageable.

The lack of outreach to McCarthy underscores the tricky situation the Chamber finds itself in as the likelihood of a default and the accompanying damage to the economy has increased. With the speaker and President Joe Biden engaged in negotiations marked by fits and starts, the White House had been hoping that business groups would apply more pressure to House Republicans to help resolve the standoff with minimal drama. Instead, the main lobby for those groups has not raised concerns about brinkmanship to the speaker.

The Chamber’s relationship with McCarthy’s office has grown rocky in recent years after it endorsed a number of House Democrats in the…

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