GeoBlue Travel Insurance Review: Is it Worth the Cost?

If you’re going on a trip soon, you may be wondering whether to invest in travel insurance. This type of insurance can offer protection in the event that you fall ill, your plans change unexpectedly or you experience unavoidable delays.

GeoBlue is one insurance provider offering plans to travelers, with a number of plans available based on your needs. Here’s a review of GeoBlue travel insurance, including the options offered and how to choose your plan.

What does GeoBlue travel insurance offer?

GeoBlue insurance offers two different plans for travelers, though it focuses mainly on medical coverage. These plans are called Voyager Essential and Voyager Choice. The former offers lower coverage options than the latter and is generally cheaper (though as you’ll see, not always by a large amount).

The company also provides multitrip, long-term and group options for those who need them.

GeoBlue travel insurance cost and inclusions

How much does GeoBlue cost? GeoBlue’s travel insurance is…

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