What Does It Actually Take to Build a Data-Driven Culture?

Most people who work on data science, AI, and digital transformation are painfully aware that it is often culture, not technology, that stymies their efforts. Many even know the high-level steps they’re supposed to take to fix this problem — invest attention and money into changing people’s mindsets and how the company uses data. But once companies and leaders get into the nitty-gritty details of how to do this, it can be hard to know what implementing those steps actually looks like.

To understand what it takes to change a culture and encourage a digital mindset, it’s helpful to see how another company is actually doing it. Which strategies worked and which were dead ends? What messaging landed with staff? Where should you actually start?

In this article, we begin to address this gap by summarizing the first two years of a new data program at Kuwait’s Gulf Bank in which we worked to build a culture that embraced data. While two years is far too short…

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This article was written by Mai B. AlOwaish and originally published on hbr.org