Russian opposition group posts video of what appears to be an antiwar flag above Moscow following purported cross-border raid

A Russian opposition group claimed Monday that an antiwar flag was floating above Moscow.
Videos appear to show a Russian opposition flag being carried by balloons above Moscow.
The videos were posted by a group calling itself the “Liberty of Russia Legion.”
Earlier in the day the group claimed credit for a raid on a Russian village near Ukraine.

The blue-and-white flag adopted by Russia’s antiwar opposition could be seen in the heart of Moscow on Monday, according to videos posted by an armed group that earlier in the day claimed credit for an attack on a Russian village near the border with Ukraine.

The Liberty of Russia Legion is ostensibly comprised of Russian dissidents who oppose their country’s war in Ukraine. In recent weeks it has claimed to have carried out a number of cross-border raids in the southwestern Russian region of Belgorod, with the group on Monday even asserting that it had carried out the “liberation” of several villages in the area.

The Russian government has…

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