E. Jean Carroll seeks damages from Trump for CNN town hall comments

E. Jean Carroll Seeks Damages From Trump For Cnn Town Hall Comments - Zxegfjxqqai63Nt5Uim6Yxp5Ga
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NEW YORK — E. Jean Carroll, an author and advice columnist who recently won a $5 million judgment against Donald Trump in a civil sexual assault and defamation case, is seeking damages from him for disparaging comments he made about her during a recent CNN town hall.

Attorneys for Carroll filed an amended complaint Monday in a separate, still-pending defamation lawsuit. They said they would seek at least $10 million in damages for comments Trump made at the prime-time event on May 10 and for the initial defamation that Carroll alleged.

The lawsuit was originally filed over comments Trump made about Carroll in 2019, when he was president and she had first publicly accused him of a decades-old sexual assault. The lawsuit has been delayed by appellate litigation having to do with whether Trump is shielded from liability because he was president at the time he made those comments.

In the CNN special this month, Trump — who left office in 2021 and is again…

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This article was written by Shayna Jacobs and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com