Credit Cards: An Overlooked Hedge Against Inflation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, April’s inflation report showed a decrease for the 10th consecutive month. So why am I not celebrating yet? Because gas is still over $3 per gallon where I live in North Carolina (and it tops $4 on the West Coast), and virtually everything I buy at the grocery store is more expensive than it was before.

NerdWallet’s 2022 American Household Credit Card Debt Study found that 4 out of 5 Americans have done something to combat inflation, like driving less or switching to store-brands. I’ve trimmed expenses where I can, but I have another tool in my arsenal: credit cards. And not in the way you might think — I’m not using them to rack up debt. Rather, strategic spending on my cards has earned me hundreds of dollars in rewards in 2023 alone, providing a budgetary buffer against inflation.

Here’s how you can leverage credit cards to your advantage.

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If you’re deep in credit card debt and struggling to pay your monthly…

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