Ask a Nerd: How Do I Cash a Savings Bond?

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My husband and I received tiny shoes, outfits and baby books for our kids when they were born in the 2000s. My parents received similar items for me upon my birth in the 1970s, but something else, too: savings bonds.

Now, the staid savings bond is back in fashion, or at least has seen a boom in recent years as an inflation-beating investment, particularly because of Series I bonds, introduced in 1998 (the savings bond itself was created in 1935).

For those of us who purchased or received any type of savings bonds as a gift in the not-so-recent past, it may be time to give them another look. Eight of mine were 30-plus years old and had stopped accruing interest, so I opted to cash them. When it’s time to cash a savings bond, here’s…

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