The Tip Jar Is Dead. How Businesses Can Navigate Digital Options

Consumers aren’t the only ones getting used to the digital tipping screens that are becoming increasingly popular for in-person purchases. Behind the scenes, striking the right balance with preset tipping options is a delicate process for small-business owners. Set them too high and you could upset some customers. Too low, and you could be leaving money on the table.

The right tipping system helps encourage customers to tip generously and provides a smooth experience for people on both sides of the transaction. Small-business owners can use their point-of-sale systems’ customer-facing screens to collect other useful feedback, too.

Here’s how restaurant-industry experts are navigating new gratuity norms and getting the most out of customer-facing tipping screens.

Consider your business model

If you’re not sure where to start with preset tipping options, take your business model into account. “You have to be specific and intentional when you’re choosing what you want those…

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