Pro-Trump ads attack DeSantis for policies Trump once also embraced

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“In Congress, DeSantis voted three times to cut Social Security, even to privatize Medicare. … Worse? DeSantis wanted to raise the retirement age to 70.”

— Voice-over in a video ad by pro-Donald Trump political action committee MAGA Inc., released April 20

“In Congress, Ron DeSantis backed a national sales tax — a 23 percent tax hike on almost everything you buy. … We can’t afford Ron ‘DeSales Tax.’ … President Trump cut taxes.”

— Voice-over in a video ad by MAGA Inc., released May 19

As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) gears up for his planned announcement this week that he’s running for president, a political organization supporting Donald Trump has been running ads with biting (and often amusing) attacks on policy positions taken by the governor when he was a member of Congress.

Past policy positions are, of course, frequent fodder for attack ads. Sometimes such ads highlight non-consequential votes in misleading ways. The ads…

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