Groups settle Arizona lawsuit over voter intimidation at ballot boxes

Groups Settle Arizona Lawsuit Over Voter Intimidation At Ballot Boxes - T4Gpkgastii63Beca3A4Qthi6I
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An Arizona group that monitored ballot drop boxes for signs of fraud during the midterm elections has settled a lawsuit and agreed to “publicly condemn intimidation of any kind in connection with the exercise of the right to vote,” according to a statement Sunday from the League of Women Voters of Arizona, which had filed the suit.

The organization last October sued the group formerly known as Clean Elections USA and its founder, Melody Jennings, alleging the tactics of the group and its allies amounted to illegal voter intimidation.

The drop boxes, intended to provide a secure, convenient place to submit ballots, have become a symbol of mistrust in elections among many supporters of former president Donald Trump.

Trump and his allies nationally and in Arizona have urged supporters to monitor outdoor drop boxes, an outgrowth of the discredited film “2000 Mules” that asserted that drop boxes were stuffed with fraudulent ballots during the 2020…

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