Ford no longer stuck in ‘valuation box,’ 2nd-gen EVs will unlock profitability, CEO says

Ford’s (F) transformation into three business units —focusing on gas-powered cars, electric vehicles, and commercial customers — is less than two quarters old. And investors still have a lot of questions for the 120-year-old automaker and how CEO Jim Farley intends to push profitability.

“I think this is a chance for investors to go deep on our strategy,” Farley told Yahoo Finance from Ford’s Capital Markets Day event, dubbed “Delivering Ford+,” at the company’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. “The main message is that Ford and a lot of the OEMs have been stuck in a valuation box with a lot of capital, low margins, fighting for slivers of market share, and what this investor day is about is explaining how that’s changed.”

Ford updated it’s financial outlook to include “financial bridges” that it says will allow it to hit company adjusted EBIT margin of 10% in 2026, “a waypoint” to higher subsequent profitability.

Ford Capital Markets Day 2023 event from…

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