David Popa: Artist unveils dinosaur gallery for new David Attenborough series

Artist David Popa has become known on social media for making large-scale artworks within natural landscapes.

His latest project, which launches on Monday, is an ode to the dinosaurs that roamed the earth before humans.

The New York artist said he chose the locations for the pieces partly because they looked “other worldly”.

The completion of the pieces coincides with the release of Sir David Attenborough’s new series, Prehistoric Planet, which Popa has worked on.

Popa used natural surroundings to create his art and, for this collection, went to the Jurassic Coast in the UK, Utah and Finland to make large-scale dinosaur portraits.

The use of natural elements, such as charcoal and chalk, as well as the textures of the space, is what he says allowed him to create such exquisite artwork.

By using a drone, he was able to showcase his work to an audience and offer an idea about the scale of the piece.

“We’re so used to seeing things on a horizontal plane and the textures in life, but…

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