Braverman says she regrets speeding but is confident ‘nothing untoward happened’ in handling of the offence – UK politics live

Braverman says she is ‘confident nothing untoward happened’ in relation to claims she broke ministerial code

Suella Braverman, the home secretary, has said she is “confident that nothing untoward happened” in relation to her speeding offence, and claims she asked civil servants if they could help her to attend a private speed awareness course.

In a clip for broadcasters, asked about this story, she said:

What I will say is that, in my view, I’m confident that nothing untoward has happened.

Braverman said that she was caught speeding, that she paid the fine and took the points.

But she refused to exactly what dealings she did have her her civil servants on this, and she did not deny asking them for help.

Key events

Suella Braverman has arrived at Downing Street for a meeting, the BBC reports. As she got out of her ministerial car, a reporter asked she had broken the ministerial code. In reply, she just said she was trying to “stop the boats”.

Braverman says she is ‘confident…

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