Russia-Ukraine war live: Zelenskiy tells G7 Russia has ‘trampled on everything civilised’ as Biden pledges ‘unwavering support’

Zelenskiy tells G7 Russia has ‘trampled on everything that is civilised’

Zelenskiy said he dreams of rebuilding “all our cities that are in ruins” similar to Hiroshima’s regeneration.

We dream of returning our territories just as we have regained our northern territories that were occupied by Russia, we must regain our eastern and southern territories. We dream of returning our people now in Russian captivity.

We dream of peace after our victory.

I am here in Hiroshima so the world can hear the Ukrainian call for unity. Russia has trampled on everything that is civilised.

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Zelenskiy said he was grateful to the US and other western leaders for their support with air defence systems.

We have several months for the training of our pilots and we’ll be working for these people to be as trained and experienced as possible.

I cannot tell you how many aircrafts we will be able to…

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