Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson shares ‘Survivor’ lessons with law grads

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Shares ‘Survivor’ Lessons With Law Grads - O23Ql7Q4Lkcbeyx6Rkh4Qktov4
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Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson told graduates at American University’s Washington College of Law commencement that she had reflected on her eclectic experiences in the years since her own graduation as she prepared the address, her first major public speech since becoming a Supreme Court justice.

“I stepped back and I looked deeply inside myself to try to figure out what to say,” she said. “And upon doing so, I realized exactly what it is that I wanted to talk to you about today: ‘Survivor.’”

“Yes, that’s right,” she said. “When I say ‘Survivor,’ I am indeed referring to the reality TV show where people are stranded on an island and compete to become the last person standing.”

Graduates and their families — some of whom may have been hoping that Jackson would hint at highly anticipated upcoming rulings on cases regarding voting rights, affirmative action and student debt, or reflect on public confidence in the Supreme Court…

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This article was written by Susan Svrluga and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com