Greek election: Centre-right Mitsotakis hails big win but wants majority

Greece’s conservative prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has won national elections, hailing his party’s big victory as a “political earthquake”.

Centre-right New Democracy were heading for almost 41% of the vote, five seats short of a majority.

Centre-left rival Alexis Tsipras congratulated him, as his party was set for a poor result with just 20%.

Mr Mitsotakis said the result showed that Greeks had given his party a mandate for a four-year government.

“The people wanted the choice of a Greece run by a majority government and by New Democracy without the help of others,” he said in a victory speech.

Hours earlier party supporters in Athens cheered as an exit poll indicated the unexpected scale of New Democracy’s victory. As results emerged, it was clear that pre-election polls had underestimated the 20-point margin between the two main parties.

With 88% of results counted, Mr Mitsotakis’s party is set to win 145 seats, five seats short of the 150 required for a majority.


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