Bills DeSantis Signed in Florida Target Trans Rights, Abortion and Education

Seeking to elevate his stock with his Republican base for his presumptive presidential candidacy, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida this year has checked off many boxes on a far-right wish list of laws restricting abortion rights, gender-transition care for minors and teaching about sexual orientation.

Expanding capital punishment and who can carry a concealed firearm in his state? Check. Targeting Disney? Check.

And he could soon remove a requirement that he resign as governor to run for president.

The frenzy of bill-signings and a culture-war agenda laid the groundwork for the candidacy of Mr. DeSantis, who is seeking to position himself as a viable alternative to former President Donald J. Trump, the G.O.P.’s front-runner and a onetime ally.

Here are the bills Mr. DeSantis has signed this year:

Six-week abortion ban

In April, Mr. DeSantis signed a law that bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, making Florida one of the nation’s most restrictive states for reproductive rights. As…

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This article was written by Neil Vigdor and originally published on