Zelensky Visits Japan for G7 Summit, Seeking Military Aid

KYIV, Ukraine — President Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision to embark on a flurry of overseas trips amid final preparations for a Ukrainian counteroffensive was met with support from some residents of the capital, Kyiv, on Friday, just hours after it came under attack for the 10th time this month.

The president’s recent travel — he visited four European capitals over the weekend and Saudi Arabia on Friday, and will attend a Group of 7 meeting Japan this weekend — stood in contrast to much of the first year of the war, when Mr. Zelensky’s choice to stay in Ukraine became a symbol of defiance and solidarity.

Now, residents interviewed on the streets of Kyiv said they had been heartened by the warm reception Mr. Zelensky had been receiving abroad at a time when continued support from allies was critical.

“I think that it’s amazing, because he builds bridges between all countries,” said Neonila, a 76-year-old retired sanitation worker, who like many interviewed for this…

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This article was written by The New York Times and originally published on www.nytimes.com