Why the 2022 midterms broke for Democrats and what that means for 2024

Why The 2022 Midterms Broke For Democrats And What That Means For 2024 - Cxcz7Hlvsfwovdcayqzwvftu2A
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Ever since Donald Trump came onto the political stage, elections in the United States have changed. They are more intense, certainly, and with a heightened sense of significance for many more voters. Those traits are likely to shape the 2024 presidential campaign, especially if Trump is the Republican Party nominee.

A new report by the Democratic data analytics firm Catalist provides a comprehensive analysis of the 2022 election. It confirms some earlier conclusions about the midterms but also includes some findings that run counter to conventional thinking.

The report finds that there were two elections in 2022: one in the highly contested states and another in states without competitive statewide contests. There was no national trend that produced swings across the board as in past elections. Where 2022 broke ranks with past midterm patterns, it favored Democrats.

Trump’s 2016 victory was a shock to the system and thrust the country into a new political…

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This article was written by Dan Balz and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com