Kuenssberg: Why ‘boomer’ Schwarzenegger won’t wait to tackle climate change

“I myself am a boomer! I’m, like, horrible!”

There’s something a bit unexpected about one of the most famous people on the planet using what’s become a term of abuse about themselves instead of choreographed gushing about their latest project.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger’s path in life has been unexpected, and unprecedented: celebrity bodybuilder; Hollywood action hero; Republican Party governor of California; climate campaigner.

Technically, he is indeed one of the post-war generation – the baby boomers, much mocked for not moving with the times.

But when we meet to talk at his glossy climate conference in Vienna where everything, including the hot dogs, is vegan, he’s teases himself to make a big point.

Politicians must move much faster, he believes, to preserve the planet for the generations to come. And Schwarzenegger’s strong belief is that the technology exists to crack down on emissions but the “boomers” might miss the chance.

This is the man who – as governor of…

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