Investing in Turnkey Real Estate

By Joe Dyton, WCI Contributor

Real estate has become a go-to investment option for those looking for alternatives to the stock market. Deciding to invest in real estate is just the first step, however. Next, you have to decide what type of real estate in which to invest. Perhaps the biggest reason real estate investing has become popular is because it’s often sold as a way to make “passive income.” While no income stream is truly passive—at least some upfront work is required to generate income—there are some real estate investment options that can create income that’s more passive than others, such as turnkey real estate.

Keep reading to learn more about turnkey real estate investing, how it works, the pros and cons, and whether it’s the right real estate investment model for you.


What Does Turnkey in Real Estate Mean?

The term “turnkey” applies to any product or service that’s ready to be used right away. Essentially, you “turn the key,” and you’re…

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