How to Lead Across Cultures, Languages, and Geographies

HANNAH BATES: Welcome to HBR on Leadership, case studies and conversations with the world’s top business and management experts, hand-selected to help you unlock the best in those around you. In this era of global business and hybrid work, managers are struggling like never before to unify teams that are geographically separated and culturally diverse. In this episode, Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley breaks down how one real-life manager, who she profiled in a business case, approached the challenge of leading a hugely diverse, underperforming group back to success. This episode originally aired on Cold Call in October 2016. Here it is.

BRIAN KENNY: According to the International Monetary Fund, the 10 fastest growing economies are in emerging markets. And McKinsey Global Institute research suggests that 400 mid-size emerging market cities will generate nearly 40% of global growth over the next 15 years. Business across borders is here to…

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