George Santos, under indictment, lists new campaign treasurer: George Santos

George Santos, Under Indictment, Lists New Campaign Treasurer: George Santos - 5Amcipolqhxdrpq3S3Eo7Us2Je
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Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who was charged earlier this month with a host of financial crimes, is now serving as the treasurer for his own campaign and several affiliated committees, according to filings made Friday by the committees with the Federal Election Commission.

The congressman’s unusual move to become his own campaign treasurer followed his indictment on 13 counts of financial crimes last week by federal prosecutors in New York. His colleagues also referred a resolution to the House Ethics Committee this week to expel him from Congress. Santos, 34, has vowed not to resign, maintaining that he will prove his innocence and seek reelection next year.

The embattled congressman cycled through numerous treasurers in recent months as his campaign’s finances came under scrutiny, at one point listing someone who later denied having agreed to take the role. The treasurer identified on his filings until Friday’s amendments, Andrew Olson, did not…

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