Biden Voices Optimism on Debt Talks Despite Sharp Statements by Both Sides

President Biden on Saturday brushed off noisy statements issued by both sides in the debt and spending talks gripping Washington, dismissing them as little more than the posturing typical of any negotiation and expressing confidence that he will still be able to strike a deal with Republicans to raise the debt ceiling.

Speaking on the sidelines of a summit meeting in Hiroshima, Japan, Mr. Biden told reporters that he was not worried about the debt talks back home. “Not at all,” he said. He later added, “I still believe we’ll be able to avoid a default and get something decent done.”

Mr. Biden’s comments came after a tumultuous day of thrust and parry carried out across the oceans. Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Friday abruptly declared a “pause” in talks aimed at raising the debt ceiling to avoid a national default while adopting ways to reduce the deficit, only to send his negotiators back to the table later in the day. But that session broke up after only an hour, and…

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