Zelensky to Attend G7 Meeting in Japan

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine is scheduled to appear at the Group of 7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, this weekend, to seek further commitments for more arms and aid from the world’s wealthiest democracies.

It was not immediately clear whether Mr. Zelensky would go to Japan in person or if he would attend the G7 events virtually. But whatever form his appearance takes, Mr. Zelensky’s position was strengthened on Friday, after several U.S. officials said that President Biden, in a major shift, had told U.S. allies that he would allow Ukrainian pilots to be trained on American-made F-16 fighter jets and was prepared to let other countries give F-16s to Ukraine.

Mr. Zelensky on Friday welcomed the “historic decision” by Mr. Biden, who had long expressed reluctance to allow the jets to be sent to Ukraine, and said on Twitter that he would discuss its “practical implementation” at the summit.

In the past week, Mr. Zelensky has visited Britain and other European…

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This article was written by David E. Sanger and Victoria Kim and originally published on www.nytimes.com