Woman, 95, Tasered by a constable, was approaching on a walking frame with a steak knife, NSW police say

A frail, 95-year-old woman was approaching officers at a “slow pace” using a walking frame when they deemed it necessary to deploy a Taser, leaving her fighting for her life in hospital.

New South Wales police confirmed on Friday that the homicide squad was investigating the incident and that the senior constable involved, who had 12 years experience, is under review and no longer working.

Grandmother Clare Nowland remains in a critical condition in Cooma district hospital, with her family remaining by her bedside for the past two days, after the use of the Taser early Wednesday morning, which caused her to fall, hit her head and sustain life-threatening injuries.

Nowland is in and out of consciousness and police are treating the matter as a level one critical incident, meaning it involves “an injury that leads to death or imminent death”.

Police initially released scant detail on the incident to the public, saying only that an elderly woman in an aged care facility had…

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This article was written by Christopher Knaus and originally published on www.theguardian.com