More Than 50% of Managers Feel Burned Out

According to Microsoft’s most recent Work Trend Index — a global survey of workers across multiple industries and companies published in September 2022 — more than half of managers (53%) report feeling burned out at work. This statistic is staggering, and slightly higher than employees in general. However, it is not surprising. Managers have had to guide their employees through a pandemic and its aftermath, facing situations that have required them to lead with empathy while managing escalating demands with potentially fewer resources — all while receiving little recognition for their efforts. This untenable situation has left many managers struggling.

To turn the tide against burnout in organizations, it’s vital for leadership and HR to understand and measure the components of burnout to better address it among managers. Listening to managers is one of the ways to identify warning signs. Early work at Microsoft to learn about burnout among our own…

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This article was written by Dawn Klinghoffer and originally published on