A 46-bedroom Texas mansion that nobody wanted, sat abandoned for decades, and nearly got bought 20 times finally has tenants

The exterior of the mansion while it was vacant.
A 63,000-square-foot mansion near Houston, Texas, has sat vacant for more than 20 years.  
Owner Jim Youngblood tried to sell the vacant home more than 20 times, but every deal fell through.
He finally decided to rent out chunks of space to small businesses and groups — and it’s working.

A colossal mansion in Manvel, Texas, has sat vacant for more than 20 years — but it finally has occupants. 

In 2001, Ulysses Watkins, a physician, and his wife started building a 63,000-square-foot house in Manvel, a town 30 minutes south of Houston. Construction stopped about 80% through when the couple decided the house was too big, according to the current owner of the property, Jim Youngblood.

It sat in an empty field like a behemoth. No one ever moved in. 

In 2007, Youngblood, a partner at a local leasing and property management company, bought the abandoned mansion for $525,000. He then tried to get rid of it over and over again, for…

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This article was written by Jordan Pandy,Dennis Green and originally published on www.businessinsider.com