5 Things to Know About the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

As you might expect from a retailer best known for its push-up bras, the Victoria’s Secret credit card, issued by Comenity Bank, is bolstered by a lot of intriguing benefits. But within the fine print, Victoria is hiding a secret: The card’s rewards are designed to make you spend more, with little opportunity to build up savings. Unless you’re already a brand loyalist who spends significantly each year, you’ll probably get better value from a general purpose rewards credit card.

Let’s spill the five biggest secrets you should know about the Victoria’s Secret credit card.

1. The card comes in multiple styles

Not unlike finding your perfect bra style and cup size, Victoria’s Secret offers four different credit card options to fit both your style preferences and your credit.

The Victoria Credit Card comes in black, bearing the scripted VS logo. It’s a store-only card that can be used only on purchases through Victoria’s Secret and Pink, both in-store and online. 

The Pink…

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This article was written by Jaime Hanson and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com