11 Jobs That Will Pay for College

If you’re planning to work your way through college, consider a job that offers more than just a paycheck. Some companies pay for college — fully, partially or through other educational perks.

Combined with other cost-effective ways to pay for college — like scholarships, grants and fellowships — employer assistance can reduce your total college costs substantially and help you start your post-grad life on a strong financial footing.

National employers that pay for college

Don’t overlook your local employers. Explore the educational benefits of local companies to see what they offer. For example, Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants — a popular chain in Seattle — has a $28,000 scholarship program for employees who pass a skills test.

How do employer educational benefits work?

Employers can help pay for your college tuition in different ways. Here are a few of the most common employer tuition assistance programs.

Reimbursed tuition. Employers who offer tuition reimbursement will…

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This article was written by Trea Branch and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com