Which Is Cheaper: Disney World or a Disney Cruise?

A Disney Cruise certainly isn’t cheap, especially compared with other cruise operators. But what about compared with other types of Disney vacations?

For many travelers, a Disney cruise actually comes out cheaper than a trip to Walt Disney World.

To better understand Disney Cruise Line versus Disney World costs, NerdWallet analyzed prices for two people sharing one room across three price tiers: Value, Moderate or Deluxe.

Disney World trip costs included four categories:

Park tickets (and add-ons, such as Genie+).

On-property hotel room rates.

Food at park restaurants.

Add-on activities, such as spa treatments and tours.

Cruise prices are mostly all-inclusive, so the analysis only included:

Base rates (including taxes and fees).

Here’s a closer look at the data on Disney Cruise Line versus Disney World costs.

Disney Cruise Line vs. Disney World: An overall cost comparison

While the data doesn’t definitively determine whether one is cheaper every time, there are some clear trends.


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This article was written by Sally French and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com