US PGA Championship 2023: first round updates – live

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… McIlroy elects to putt up the slope rather than chip. And he judges it perfectly! The ball only just gets up and over the crest of the hill, but then rolls out and grabs the right-hand edge of the cup, dropping and sending the crowd into raptures! He shrugs at his caddy, which is the correct reaction to the absurdity of golf. From the ridiculous to the sublime! Could that kick-start him back into action? My word, he needed that. He remains at +3!

A double-bogey six for Jordan Spieth on 1. That’s punishment for hooking his tee shot up against the face of a bunker, after which he was always chasing position. He’s +2, and the career-slam-chasing Texan flings his ball away more in disappointment than frustration. Meanwhile similar bother awaits Rory McIlroy, who takes a fairway wood from the 2nd tee for position, then sends his ball into the thick rough anyway. He powers towards the front of the green,…

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