How Generative AI Changes Organizational Culture

HBR EDITOR AMY BERNSTEIN: Nitin, you’re a management consultant, you lead Deloitte’s global AI business. What’s the most interesting conversation you’ve had recently with a client?

DELOITTE PRINCIPAL NITIN MITTAL: A client, the CFO of the client basically said, “If I apply generative AI in my company – and the use case that, Nitin, you articulated took me, which is apply in a call center for customer care. Why? Because the marginal cost of conversing with that customer using a virtual digital agent is a zero, and because the marginal cost is zero, I know if I apply it it’ll drop my cost structure by 60 to 70%. But, what does it do to all the employees that I have who are from a disadvantaged part of the society…” Now the CFO was white, “…disadvantaged part of the society, who essentially are earning their daily living and have no other jobs?”

AMY BERNSTEIN: I mean, that seems like a perfectly reasonable question. How’d you…

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