Harry and Meghan Seek Both Privacy and Publicity After Paparazzi Car Chase

When Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, decamped Britain for the United States in 2020, he portrayed it as an act of survival against a relentlessly intrusive British press. On Tuesday, after a chaotic encounter with photographers in New York City, Harry found the media glare can be just as intense in his adopted home.

With details continuing to filter out about what exactly happened to Harry, Meghan and her mother, Doria Ragland, as photographers pursued them in Midtown Manhattan, the episode underscored a basic paradox in the lives of this celebrity couple: they plead for privacy, but also seek publicity, with a Netflix documentary, a tell-all memoir by Harry and public appearances that will inevitably draw cameras.

The frenzy in New York is a reminder of the grievances that Harry has held for decades against the British press, which remains the primary market for paparazzi shots of him and Meghan. In 1997, his mother, Princess Diana, died in a car crash in Paris while fleeing…

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This article was written by Mark Landler and originally published on www.nytimes.com