Delta CEO says proposed airline rules will lead to higher ticket prices

“There’s no question” flight ticket prices will reflect new government regulations, according to Delta CEO Ed Bastian.
Proposed government regulations for airlines could lead to higher ticket prices, Delta’s CEO said. 
The regulations would require airlines to compensate passengers for controllable delays or cancellations. 
Delta covers rebooking, meals, hotels, and transportation costs. It does not provide cash, travel vouchers, or miles.

If the Biden administration introduces new regulations requiring airlines to compensate passengers for controllable cancellations and delays, ticket prices will go up, according to Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian.

“There’s no question if there’s another layer of government regulation and cost that’s introduced into the system, it will eventually find its way back into ticket prices,” Bastian told CBS Mornings on May 17. “That’s just common business logic.”

Earlier this month, the US Department of Transportation announced plans to come up with new…

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