‘Succession’ provided us with an absolute hellscape election scenario. How real was it?

'Succession' Provided Us With An Absolute Hellscape Election Scenario. How Real Was It? - Adam Godley Kieran Culkin

The episode leaves many things unresolved. But it also raises one nagging question: What would happen if something like this actually occurred? Here’s what the Emmys favorite show got right — and what the show got wrong.

Election officials would have a pretty good idea of which ballots were destroyed, but not for whom they were cast

In the show, ATN’s decision desk nerd tells the executives that election officials would have no idea which ballots were even lost. “While we theoretically know everyone who requested an absentee ballot, we don’t entirely know how many turned them in, and there’s nothing in Wisconsin law that really covers what to do,” said Darwin, who is played by Adam Godley.

That is wrong in one important aspect: If a massive batch of ballots were destroyed, Wisconsin election officials say they would have a pretty good idea of which ballots went missing.

“In this scenario, there is a record,” said Scott McDonell, the clerk of Dane County, Wis….

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This article was written by By Zach Montellaro and originally published on www.politico.com