Russia-Ukraine war live: last ship to leave Ukraine under current grain deal; F-16 jets pledge a ‘good start’, says Zelenskiy

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China has notified several foreign missions in Beijing not to display “politicised propaganda” on their buildings, diplomats told Reuters, adding the request appeared aimed at Ukrainian flags they have displayed since Russia’s invasion.

Several foreign missions in China raised the Ukrainian flag, or displayed its image in posters and lights, following the February 2022 invasion that sparked international condemnation of Russia, a close ally of China.

“We and others got a letter calling on embassies and representative offices to refrain from using the outer walls of their buildings for ‘politicised propaganda’,” one diplomat, whose embassy is displaying a Ukraine flag image, told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

The diplomat said the mission did not intend to comply with the notification.

Three other Beijing-based diplomats confirmed that there had been a notification, adding that while it did not…

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