No-fault evictions to be banned in reform of rental sector

Landlords would be banned from evicting tenants with no justification as part of a long-promised overhaul of the private rental sector in England.

A new law to be tabled in Parliament would abolish no-fault evictions and end bans on tenants claiming benefits.

The bill would also make it easier for landlords to repossess properties from anti-social tenants.

Housing campaigners said the bill was a “huge opportunity” to improve the lives of the 11 million renters in England.

Under the new law, tenants would be given the legal right to request a pet in their home, which the landlord cannot unreasonably refuse.

The law would also make it illegal for a landlord to refuse tenancies to families with children, or those in receipt of benefits.

The full details of these reforms and how they will work in practice will be outlined in the Renters (Reform) Bill.

The Conservatives promised “a better deal for renters” – including a ban on no-fault evictions – in its manifesto ahead of the general…

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