Neither Chris galvanises support as New Zealand voters shun major parties

New Zealand’s two major parties have had a pretty good run of it.

Other countries proportional election systems have seen established parties humbled and fractured. Israel’s once-mighty Labor party is now a minnow. In Germany the two large, old parties controlled less than half of the vote at the last election.

Meanwhile Aotearoa’s two big beasts – centre-left Labour and centre-right National – have received the votes of more than 70% of the country in the past six elections. Indeed, Jacinda Ardern won Labour half of the entire vote at the last election, a feat no UK politician has managed since before the second world war.

Yet with Ardern gone and both parties led by white men named Chris, New Zealand seems to be falling a bit out of love with the major parties. Just five months before the election neither party is able to command much more than a third of the vote.

The exact lack of love varies by polling company. Roy Morgan’s last poll – conducted throughout April –…

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