Democrats add 2 more cities to their dominance of urban mayoral races

Democrats Add 2 More Cities To Their Dominance Of Urban Mayoral Races - Dp44Rmhuoqi63Emnaesxfvsjga
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Republicans were pretty confident they would retain control of the mayor’s seat in Jacksonville, Fla. After all, they’d held the seat for all but four years of the last three decades and their candidate was endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who last year won reelection in a landslide.

They did not. On Tuesday night, Democrat Donna Deegan won a comfortable victory in the city.

In Colorado Springs, a similar result. Republican Wayne Williams, seeking to succeed fellow Republican John Suthers, lost to independent Yemi Mobolade.

With those two — unexpected! — losses, Republicans not only lost control of two of America’s most populous cities but saw the number of large cities with Republican mayors further dwindle. The results were inflected with the politics of the moment, certainly, but they also reflected a long-term national trend away from Republicans in urban areas — and toward the party in rural areas.

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