Ukraine war: Kyiv comes under heavy missile and drone attack

There are reports of a large number of explosions in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and air raid sirens have been sounding.

In video on social media, air defence systems can be seen shooting down suspected Russian missiles.

Government messages warned people to keep away from windows as debris from intercepted missiles fell from the sky.

City mayor Vitali Klitschko said some rocket debris had fallen in central districts, including on the city’s zoo.

At least three people were injured, he said.

It was the eighth time the capital had come under attack this month. The air raid alert sounded at around 02:30 (23:30 GMT Monday) and was lifted only two hours later.

The complex attack, which used both drones and missiles, was described as being “exceptional in its density” by one Kyiv official.

Serhiy Popko, head of the Ukrainian capital’s military administration, described the barrage as being the “maximum number of attack missiles in the shortest period of time”.

“According to…

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