Ukraine Says It Shot Down Hypersonic Russian Missiles Over Kyiv

Ukraine’s air defense shot down six of the most sophisticated conventional weapons in Russia’s arsenal, hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, according to Ukrainian and American officials, during a barrage of missiles and drones aimed at Kyiv, the capital, on Tuesday.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said at least one Kinzhal had hit an American-made Patriot system, the most advanced U.S. ground-based air-defense system, which Washington had delivered to Ukraine after its urgent requests to help defend against an onslaught of Russian missile and drone attacks.

A statement from Ukraine’s Air Force did not specify whether the Patriot system had, in fact, been involved in shooting down Russian missiles in one of the largest aerial assaults by Moscow since early March. But two U.S. officials confirmed that a Patriot had been damaged, not destroyed, in the attack overnight Tuesday, an assessment initially reported by CNN. And one of the Americans confirmed that Ukraine had downed six Kinzhal…

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This article was written by Victoria Kim and Eric Schmitt and originally published on