South Korea Wants More Babies, Just Not in These Places

SEOUL — South Korea has the lowest birthrate in the world, but parents say the government isn’t making it any easier for them to have children when hundreds of public facilities across the country are designated “no-kids zones.”

Earlier this month, a lawmaker took her toddler to the National Assembly and called on the government to outlaw the policy, which allows restaurants, museums, cafes and other establishments to ban children from entering.

In her address, Yong Hye-in, a representative of the Basic Income Party, said it was becoming more difficult to raise a family in cities that prohibit children from certain areas. Getting rid of no-kids zones and creating a society more accepting of children would help the country overcome its low birthrate, she said.

“Life with a child isn’t easy,” said Ms. Yong while holding her son at the National Assembly. “But still, we have to recreate a society in which we can coexist with our children.”

Last year, South Korea had a

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