Here are 3 key things to watch for at Tesla’s investor meeting, according to Deepwater’s Gene Munster

Tesla CEO Elon Musk.
Tesla investors should watch out for three key things at the upcoming shareholder meeting, Gene Munster said.
Munster pointed to the key leadership changes that could take place within the electric-vehicle company.
He estimated a 70% chance that Musk could step down as CEO in the next year, which could spark a sell-off in Tesla stock.

There are three key things to watch out for at Tesla’s investor meeting, according to Deepwater’s Gene Munster.

In a Twitter thread on Tuesday, Munster pointed to significant developments for Tesla that could be revealed at the company’s next shareholder meeting on Tuesday.

Munster, a long-time bull and follower of Tesla stock, outlined two potential positives for Tesla stock, though he noted a major leadership change that could result in a sell-off for investors.

1. Elon Musk stepping down as Tesla CEO

Munster estimated there was a 70% chance that Musk would step down from his CEO role within the next year.

“If it’s not today, it’s…

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