Building Social Capital When You Work Remotely

While garnering social capital has always been essential to internal corporate collaboration, it has become even more critical for every hybrid employee, remote-working person, or solo entrepreneur today. Simply having the skills to do a particular job is no longer sufficient because our hybrid offices have made many people invisible. Your ability to partner with team members, make an impression, network in your industry, and stay ripe for opportunities depends on the strength of your professional relationships and communication skills.

Just like any other currency, social capital can be earned, invested, and spent. When it comes to your professional longevity, there is no greater fortune than your worth in social capital. So how much do you have in your bank?

What Social Capital Is and How I Leveraged It

Earning social capital is dependent on our ability to work together effectively by having a shared set of values and working toward a common goal. In a

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This article was written by Aliza Licht and originally published on