Biden to cut foreign trip short over debt ceiling negotiations

Biden To Cut Foreign Trip Short Over Debt Ceiling Negotiations - 34E3Mhmmoeo45Lvrl5T3Jjj6Qu
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President Biden will cut short an upcoming foreign trip, skipping planned stops in Papua New Guinea and Australia amid increasingly urgent talks between the White House and Congress over how to raise the government’s debt limit and avoid a potentially catastrophic default.

Biden will still leave Wednesday to attend a Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima, Japan, but will return to the United States on Sunday. He had initially planned to follow up the event in Japan with a stop in Papua New Guinea, the first by an American president, and a stay in Australia to talk about countering China’s influence.

Earlier on Tuesday, White House officials had suggested that Biden might cut the trip short due to the ongoing negotiations. The president has been talking with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other congressional leaders as they look to avoid a default before June 1, when officials estimate the government will no longer be able to pay it bills if…

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