Are Cruises Worth It?

Cruises can be a great vacation idea, especially if you’re not overly interested in trip planning.

One of the most significant benefits of a cruise is that much of the work is done for you, including the itinerary, dining and entertainment options. That convenience can sometimes come with a big price tag, so it’s normal to wonder, “Are cruises worth it?”

Let’s look at the different aspects of cruising, what’s included on a cruise and how that compares against other vacations.

What’s included on a cruise

One of the best parts about a cruise is that it’s all-inclusive, at least to a certain degree.

The true extent of what’s included will depend on your cruise line and any packages that you have, but in general, here’s what’s included:

Meals, including fast food, sit-down restaurants and some room service.

Other live entertainment.

Pool access and pool towels.

What’s not included on a cruise

The free options are likely more than enough to keep you entertained, but if…

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